Studio Stool


Everything communicates. The concept for the Nineties Studio Stool emerged when we were tasked with assisting our client Chevron in conveying sustainability. In a world where everyone talks the talk, it is crucial to genuinely walk the walk. Utilizing surplus materials from floor production, we crafted a stool that embodies and credibly conveys the right signals.

Becoming more customer-centric is vital in order to be more relevant, that’s why we have launched Studio stool which enables us to work closer with brands where product development make a tangible and sustainable difference.

– Design by Nineties Studio
– Produced with surplus materials from Chevron
– Dimensions (cm): W30 L30 H42
– Each piece is characterized by unique wood marks and current material available

Through a mindful collaboration, Nineties has created a durable stool in white ash waste material. With wood from European forestry collected by Chevron – the Swedish flooring specialist managed by father and sons – each stool gets its own characteristics through unique, visible details and structures.

As a result of a collaboration between Nineties Studio and the wooden floor technicians at Skåne founded Chevron, our Studio stool takes its cues from woodwork made to last with an intention of letting less go, and enhancing the perfection of deficiency.

Each studio stool is made from the current surplus materials and has individual marks, hues and nuances thanks to wood that otherwise would go to waste. The piece in the images are made from white ash and is particularly durable, this piece of furniture becomes a steadfast friend for generations.