Nineties Studio

Nineties is a full-service creative agency, based in Stockholm. By distilling a client’s ideas through branding, marketing and creative strategy, we turn complexity and inconsistency into elegant simplicity. We help brands resonate with consumers in a real and meaningful way.


The Chimi Symphony

Campaign for Chimi core collection.

Keep on dreaming

Campaign for Juniper bed linnens.

Norrfolks - Timeless by progression

Timeless by progression

Campaign for Norrfolks fine jewelry collection.

The Chi in Chimi

Campaign with Elsa Hosk and music by Mwuana.

Norrfolks - Art and creative direction

Art and creative direction

Production still life campaign for fine jewelry brand Norrfolks.

Pholc Campaign

For their new design Aline.

Chimi - Kungsgatan 6

Kungsgatan 6

Retail concept for Chimi Eyewear’s flagship store in Stockholm.

Chimi - Un hommage au Caviar de Kalle

Un hommage au Caviar de Kalle

Contemporary art installation and marketing strategy. Collaboration for Kalles Kaviar.

Independent wine company - Enzo Bartoli

Enzo Bartoli

Visual identity and packaging design.

Rose & Born - Spring summer campaign

Spring summer campaign

Art direction and production for Rose & Born

Blue Billie - Coffee table lookbook

Coffee table lookbook

Rebranding and packaging design for Blue Billie.

Vont to-go

Flirting with it’s area of use and flexing the colorful designs in our campaign for Vont.

UX, e-commerce design and development lead

Merging elements from our rebranding to an e-com experience that will serve the Norrfolks customer years to come.

Chimi Space Campaign

Approved by Christer Fuglesang.

Rose & Born - Rebranding for Rose & Born

Rebranding for Rose & Born

New identity and packaging design for Rose & Born.

Chimi - Just Right

Just Right

Collaboration campaign between Elsa Hosk and Chimi

Nineties - Studio Table

Studio Table

Concept, product design and still life for Nineties Studio Table.

The circular fashion initiative

A new brand strategy, identity and visual narrative for Popswap.

Paris store concept

Brand strategy, brand identity, visual narrative and store concept for Deadwood.

Norrfolks - Product in focus

Product in focus

Art direction and production of e-commerce images for Norrfolks.

Juniper - The daydreamer

The daydreamer

Bathroom essentials campaign for Juniper.

G.R.Y.M - Art of Cooking

Art of Cooking

Campaign for kitchenware brand G.R.Y.M

Beleco - Brand identity

Brand identity

For furniture renting service Beleco

Lohas - Lohas Viñedos

Lohas Viñedos

Concept, identity and product design for Independent wine company, Pepe Raventós and Chelsea Hoff.

Chimi - Chimi lookbook

Chimi lookbook

Season 4 lookbook for Chimi with Elsa Hosk.

Rose & Born - Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas

Product design for Rose & Born limited swimwear collection RB Swim.

Core portraits

Getting up close and personal with the new core collection.

Skeppshult - Skeppshult


Packaging design and still life photography.

Core reimagined

Always evolving, always learning, self-innovation is in our core. Marketing strategy & creative direction.

Blue Billie - Blue Billie at NK

Blue Billie at NK

Pop up koncept for Blue Billie jewelry brand at Nordiska Kompaniet.

Rose & Born - Rose & Born campaign

Rose & Born campaign

One with nature.

Chimi winter pouch

Concept and product design of the seasonal eyewear pouch for Chimi Eyewear.

Brand identity

For fine jewellery brand Norrfolks

Genova - Genova website

Genova website

New online presence for Genova property group. UX, design and development.

Rose & Born - Rose & Born

Rose & Born

Creative direction and production for Rose & Born spring summer collection.

Juniper - Extra large tote bag

Extra large tote bag

Product design for Juniper

Made to Measure

Campaign for Rose & Born

Chimi - Space program

Space program

Concept, identity and packaging design for Chimi space program.

Bolm - Bolm Automaton

Bolm Automaton

Campaign and brand identity for Swedish watch brand Bolm Automaton

Chimi - Feelgood fashion

Feelgood fashion

Campaign with Mathilde Gøhler in Muralla Roja fo Chimi Eyewear

Rose & Born - The portrait

The portrait

Wedding campaign for Rose & Born
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