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The Chimi Symphony

Campaign for Chimi core collection.

Norrfolks - Timeless by progression

Timeless by progression

Campaign for Norrfolks fine jewelry collection.

Pholc Campaign

For their new design Aline.

En Route

Brand concept, marketing strategy, product design & campaign for Vont

Chimi - Kungsgatan 6

Kungsgatan 6

Retail concept for Chimi Eyewear’s flagship store in Stockholm.


A fashion forward e-com, redesigned.

Chimi - Un hommage au Caviar de Kalle

Un hommage au Caviar de Kalle

Contemporary art installation and marketing strategy. Collaboration for Kalles Kaviar.

The Chi in Chimi

Campaign with Elsa Hosk and music by Mwuana.

Keep on dreaming

Campaign for Juniper bed linnens.

Chimi Ecommerce

Creating the customized UX design of our dreams: ultra-fast, extra smart, optimization at its finest.

Norrfolks - Art and creative direction

Art and creative direction

Production still life campaign for fine jewelry brand Norrfolks.

Independent wine company - Enzo Bartoli

Enzo Bartoli

Visual identity and packaging design.

Rose & Born - Spring summer campaign

Spring summer campaign

Art direction and production for Rose & Born

Blue Billie - Coffee table lookbook

Coffee table lookbook

Rebranding and packaging design for Blue Billie.

Chimi - Chimi visual identity

Chimi visual identity

A graphic element that could work just as good in a streetwear store as on the high-end luxury streets.

Vont to-go

Flirting with it’s area of use and flexing the colorful designs in our campaign for Vont.

UX, e-commerce design and development lead

Merging elements from our rebranding to an e-com experience that will serve the Norrfolks customer years to come.

Chimi Space Campaign

Approved by Christer Fuglesang.

Rose & Born - Rebranding for Rose & Born

Rebranding for Rose & Born

New identity and packaging design for Rose & Born.

Chimi - Just Right

Just Right

Collaboration campaign between Elsa Hosk and Chimi

Nineties - Studio Table

Studio Table

Concept, product design and still life for Nineties Studio Table.

The circular fashion initiative

A new brand strategy, identity and visual narrative for Popswap.

Norrfolks - Product in focus

Product in focus

Art direction and production of e-commerce images for Norrfolks.

Juniper - The daydreamer

The daydreamer

Bathroom essentials campaign for Juniper.

G.R.Y.M - Art of Cooking

Art of Cooking

Campaign for kitchenware brand G.R.Y.M

Beleco - Brand identity

Brand identity

For furniture renting service Beleco

Paris store concept

Brand strategy, brand identity, visual narrative and store concept for Deadwood.

Lohas - Lohas Viñedos

Lohas Viñedos

Concept, identity and product design for Independent wine company, Pepe Raventós and Chelsea Hoff.

Chimi - Chimi lookbook

Chimi lookbook

Season 4 lookbook for Chimi with Elsa Hosk.

Rose & Born - Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas

Product design for Rose & Born limited swimwear collection RB Swim.

Core portraits

Getting up close and personal with the new core collection.

Skeppshult - Skeppshult


Packaging design and still life photography.

Core reimagined

Always evolving, always learning, self-innovation is in our core. Marketing strategy & creative direction.

Blue Billie - Blue Billie at NK

Blue Billie at NK

Pop up concept for Blue Billie jewelry brand at Nordiska Kompaniet.

Rose & Born - Rose & Born campaign

Rose & Born campaign

One with nature.

Chimi winter pouch

Concept and product design of the seasonal eyewear pouch for Chimi Eyewear.

Brand identity

For fine jewellery brand Norrfolks

Genova - Genova website

Genova website

New online presence for Genova property group. UX, design and development.

Rose & Born - Rose & Born

Rose & Born

Creative direction and production for Rose & Born spring summer collection.

Juniper - Extra large tote bag

Extra large tote bag

Product design for Juniper

Made to Measure

Campaign for Rose & Born

Chimi - Space program

Space program

Concept, identity and packaging design for Chimi space program.

Bolm - Bolm Automaton

Bolm Automaton

Campaign and brand identity for Swedish watch brand Bolm Automaton

Chimi - Feelgood fashion

Feelgood fashion

Campaign with Mathilde Gøhler in Muralla Roja fo Chimi Eyewear

Rose & Born - The portrait

The portrait

Wedding campaign for Rose & Born

Nineties Studio – Creative agency in Stockholm